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This is a blog for news and graphics for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 and Angel & Faith comic books.

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It’s beautiful, and it steals her breath away. The sun closer than any human has seen, illuminating the room in pinks and purples and orange. The blackness of space lit up by the brilliance around it. It’s everything Spike has claimed it would be. >
“I want you to have this,” he whispers from somewhere behind her, and she realizes suddenly that she hasn’t let go of his hand yet. They remain attached in the shadows, and she can’t bring herself to move any further away.
“I know you’ll never want to stay here again. Not without more trouble. But…when you come to visit…I want you to have this light.” His voice is hoarse, and she can feel her own throat closing up. >
“I want to give you the sun.” >
“I don’t want the sun,” she murmurs, the emotions overwhelming her until there are tears running down her face. “I want…” She remembers months of waiting, missing, wondering when he’d finally come back to her. >
She takes a step back, retreating into the shadows and indirect sunlight. “I want you.” >
And then she’s crying and moving closer, and through the sheen of tears dimming her view she can see his eyes wide and awed, and when she clasps her hands against his cheeks and pulls his mouth to her own, it’s a whole different kind of beautiful.
the end



Spike meets a demon in distress and a familiar, exceptionally nasty duo that are all after something buried in the rubble formerly known as Sunnydale. For a vampire with a soul and an aching heart, dabbling in a little villainy is a welcome distraction. But Spike will have to beware if the distraction becomes too much to handle …

* Spike heads back to Sunnydale.
* Buffy Season 9!


“You know what was real ? You showing up when I needed someone. Thanks.”


“You know what was real ? You showing up when I needed someone. Thanks.”


um i kind of wrote this for open on sunday, but i’m not posting there yet. maybe later. the prompt was “rebel,” which is why you’re seeing that word more often than is normal.

super schmoopy s9 drabbles! you’ve been warned.

He’d pressed a paper into her hand before he’d gone, and she’d seen a scrawled email address on the page. “Just in case…something…comes up,” he’d murmured, and she’d said nothing. The ‘something’ he wanted wasn’t something she could give him, not yet.

She forces herself to keep the paper hidden away so she won’t be tempted. This is her life, and she needs to pick up the pieces before she can even think of approaching him again.

Until there comes the day when something within her rebels and she wonders, Why do I think I need to do this alone?

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